WNC CBD || THCA Flower | Meat Breath – Hybrid 3.5 Grams


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WNC CBD || THCA Flower | Meat Breath - Hybrid 3.5 Grams


Meat Breath 33.8%

50/50 Hybrid

 Potent cannabis strain known for its powerful effects and unique flavor profile. Upon consumption, users typically experience a strong sense of relaxation and euphoria, making it suitable for unwinding after a long day. Its flavor is characterized by a distinct combination of meaty, earthy, and herbal notes, reminiscent of its name. The aroma of Meat Breath is equally pungent, with hints of spices and diesel, which contribute to its overall complex sensory experience. 

Terpenes - 2.896%


D9 - THC - 0.124%

THCA - 31.571%

CBGA - 1.961%

CBCA - 0.099%

TOTAL Cannabinoids - 33.843%


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