VIIA Hemp Co. || THCA Flower | 3.5 Gram Agent Orange (Sativa)


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VIIA Hemp Co. || THCA Flower | 3.5 Gram Agent Orange (Sativa)


28.42% THCA 

Agent Orange is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that offers a distinctive and invigorating experience. Named after the well-known citrus-based chemical defoliant, this strain stands out for its bright orange hairs and a vibrant aroma that mirrors its namesake fruit groves.

The buds of Agent Orange are typically compact, resinous, and adorned with fiery orange pistils, creating a visually appealing contrast against the backdrop of deep green leaves.

In terms of effects, Agent Orange is celebrated for its energizing and mood-enhancing properties. The sativa influence delivers a cerebral buzz that promotes creativity, focus, and an overall sense of euphoria.

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