Our Mission

At Magic City Organics we want to break down the stigma against cannabis.  Our goal is to educate our customers on the power of hemp products.  We want you to have the tools you need to make an educated decision or simply just work with you one-on-one to help you develop a better understanding of what we can offer.  The market changes weekly & new products are released everyday. We test, vet & try out new products constantly until we try something that impresses us enough to carry it in our store/online.  Let us be your guide to cannabis!

6 Years of Happy Customers

Since 2018, Magic City Organics has offered a curated collection of the most outstanding hemp & herbal products on the market for an affordable price. MCO is renowned for its knowledgeable staff, sleek shop, and high-quality products. Our seasoned enthusiasts are experts in what we carry & dedicated to providing clients with the best products to meet their needs.

We truly care about our customers & want you to be successful in your journey with cannabis.

Our online virtual consultation is a no contact way to help you narrow down your selections with options to ship, pick up, curbside or local delivery. We partner with other family owned businesses, small farms & other companies we love that are experts in their craft. Be sure to ask about our military discount
(military id req). Are you new to this? Try a free virtual consultation today & let us help you today! All products available from Magic City Organics are third party lab tested to contain less than 0.3% THC by weight.

Why Choose Us?

Sourcing hemp can be tricky as it pulls chemicals from the dirt during the growing process & especially in the first couple growing seasons. Organically grown hemp is the way to go. This is something that is so important to us. As someone who has chosen organic for our family for over 15 years we take the quality of anything we consume to the highest regard. Our CBD tinctures come from a certified organic farm and are safely processed & extracted.

How do you know it’s dirty hemp? Even if you know the farmer the hemp needs to be tested for purity, potency & to be certified to be free of heavy metals + pesticides. Not just the crude but each tincture after it’s made from each and every batch. Check labels too and look for a QR code.

I can’t stress this enough to not buy any CBD/THC products without a 3rd party lab report linked to that batch. There’s new guidelines on CBD products so we are making changes to be sure to follow each of those before they happen.


The Best of the Best

We only select products that are made in a licensed facility with a clean room from companies who are licesnsed. There’s too much room for error and issues when proper precautions aren’t taken in an unregulated industry.

There’s truly not one product for everyone & we are here to help you navigate that for you. With being a hemp company for over 4 years now we get A TON of questions. That’s why MCO tries to answer all questions day/night in a timely fashion and through multiple avenues. Going above and beyond what’s expected of any business we try very hard to WOW our customers with the most exceptional customer care we can offer.

Our hope is that you can find what you’re looking for when and where you need it. I mean who doesn’t love delivery?! If that’s not for you then we ship and we do it FAST. You order is on its way to you within a matter of hours. Now that’s why we hear you love us….what else are we missing?

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