Modern Herb Co || THCA Pod Starter Kit


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Modern Herb Co || THCA Pod Starter Kit


LABS Wedding Cake

LABS Golden Goat

LABS Purple Hindu Kush 

  • Each Kit includes 1Gram Pod + 1 Battery Kit

    Just like all the other Modern Herb vapes and disposables we've all come to love these have the same live resin just in a pod.

    Each 1gram pod fits magnetically into the proprietary battery so it will only work with these batteries.

  • Button on the side: 5 clicks on/off and 2 clicks for preheat. USBC charger on the bottom for convenience.

Modern Herb Co Live THCa Uncut Pods are made with 100% live resin- extracted from fresh frozen, compliant thca and cbda flower. Intentionally crafted without the use of THCa isolate or distillate fillers. This purity is guaranteed to bring unparalleled taste & cannabis effect. Made from award-winning live resin extracted from the finest craft cultivars for flavor that is bold, rich & unique.

Another thing you won’t find elsewhere- targeted effects brought in by strain specific extracts. Where others use botanical terpenes & call them live resin these use real strain-specific live resin for a true sativa, hybrid, and indica effect.

Modern Herb Co takes quality & safety seriously & offers full-panel batch testing to guarantee the best product every time.

Wedding Cake - Hybrid

Sweet, vanilla, earthy flavor profile with relaxing euphoric effects.

Golden Goat - Sativa

Sweet tropical fruit flavor that produces a delightful euphoric and creative effect.

Purple Hindu Kush - Indica

Sweet and spicy grape taste that's accented by earthy herbs and rich florals. With effects that will lift you high before gently setting you back down into a sedative and peaceful state.


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Golden Goat – Sativa, Wedding Cake – Hybrid, Purple Hindu Kush – Indica

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