Modern Herb CO || THC-A Cartridge | 1 Gram


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Modern Herb CO || THC-A Cartridge | 1 Gram

Maui Wowie LABS

Dogwalker LABS


63% THCA Liquid Diamonds Live Resin

Modern Herb Co Live THCa Uncut vapes are made with 100% live resin- extracted from fresh frozen, compliant thca and cbda flower. Intentionally crafted without the use of THCa isolate or distillate fillers. This purity is guaranteed to bring unparalleled taste & cannabis effect. Made from award-winning live resin extracted from the finest craft cultivars for flavor that is bold, rich & unique.

Another thing you won’t find elsewhere- targeted effects brought in by strain specific extracts. Where others use botanical terpenes & call them live resin these use real strain-specific live resin for a true sativa, hybrid, and indica effect.

Modern Herb Co takes quality & safety seriously & offers full-panel batch testing to guarantee the best product every time.

Maui Wowie - Sativa

Unleash an energetic euphoria with Maui Wowie, an enjoyable sativa strain known for its tropical aroma and delightful effects. Maui Wowie will take you on a journey to paradise as you soar through the clouds and land in a place of mental clarity, creative inspiration and positivity.

Dogwalker - Hybrid

Balanced 50/50 hybrid.  Dogwalker OG effects are cerebral, calming, and promote focus. When consumed in large doses, these effects intensify into a deep sleepyness. This strain features a complex flavor profile that is woody and skunky.

Larry OG - Indica 

You can expect a cerebral rush of euphoria that can induce a happy, giggly, and particularly sociable experience. It may even help artists find that creative spark needed to get on with their work. After that initial euphoria fades, it may lull you into a deep state of relaxation.  Multi-layered flavor effect to complement its well-balanced earthy, piney & OG Kush stank qualities.


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Maui Wowie (Sativa), Dogwalker (Hybrid), Larry OG (Indica)

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