Modern Herb Co || Live Resin CBD Softgels | Daytrip


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Modern Herb Co || Live Resin CBD Softgels | Daytrip


Our CBD Live Resin Daytrip Softgels are formulated to help with focus and contain a combination of 25mg CBD Live Resin, THCv, and CBDv.

Softgels are an easy-to-use portable form factor perfect for discreet travel and allow for consistent, and easy dosing. CBD Softgels are ideal for those who don’t like to taste the plant like you would with a tincture or edible CBD product. Consumed products like softgels, last longer in the system compared to inhaled products; typically 4-6 hours versus 2-4 hours. This makes them ideal for situations where you need a longer duration of effects such as throughout the day. Another benefit to the longer-lasting effect is that you’ll consume them less frequently making them more cost-effective per dose.

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