DaySavers || Wood Tip Pre-Roll Tubes | 5 Pack


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DaySavers || Wood Tip Pre-Roll Tubes | 5 Pack

Add a bit of elegance with these special wood-tipped prerolled tubes! At 109mm these pre-roll tubes will hold a full gram of your favorite flower while the premium wood tip elevates it beyond your typical joint, cooling the smoke but never losing the natural feel or flavor of your pre-roll, making them perfect for a personal session or a party pass-around. Available in packs of 5 loaded into a cigarette-style flip-top box so your prerolls won’t get crushed, these premium pre-rolled tubes are designed to burn slow and evenly from the moment you light it until you put it out. And as always, the ultra-thin 100% European-sourced refined white rolling paper has been tested to the strictest standard in the industry for pesticides, heavy metals and microbials so you know your wood-tipped prerolled joint is as clean as your flower!

Treat yourself to a touch of luxury with these premium wood-tipped pre rolled cones! With a bit of weight and smooth, natural feel on the lips, these special premium wood-tipped pre-roll tubes not only prevent Scooby Snacks and particles from getting through, but also help cool the smoke so you can take bigger hits!

Sweeten up your next session with these premium sugar-flavored wood-tip prerolled tubes!

Add some flavor to your next pre-roll session with DaySavers vanilla-flavored wood tip pre-roll tubes!


LENGTH: 109mm
QUANTITY: 5 Pre-Rolled Tubes per Pack


All DaySavers products are tested above and beyond industry standards for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbials to ensure that your rolling papers are as clean as the flower you put into them, something no other rolling paper company does! Additionally, our smoking cones are FSC certified, meaning the pre roll paper is sustainably sourced. Our rolling cones are also FDA certified so you can count on a Simply Superior Smoke every time your day needs saving!

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Natural, Vanilla, Sugar

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