Botany Farms || CBD Pre-Roll (2 Half Grams)


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Botany Farms || CBD Pre-Roll (2 Half Grams)

LABS Lemon Diesel

LABS Lemon Diesel Part 2

LABS Godfather OG

LABS Godfather OG Part 2

Lemon Diesel CBG (Sativa)

Total Cannabinoids: 12.2%

CBG: 11.6%

Δ-9 THC: <0.3%

Lemon Diesel CBG is a CBG dominant Sativa strain with bright notes of fresh flowers, Lemon peels and a hint of cinnamon. This strain is best used during the day time as CBG has been known to increase focus and creativity.

Godfather OG (Indica)

Total Cannabinoids: 17.2%

CBD: 14.7%

Δ-9 THC: <0.3%

With a lineage stemming from OG Kush x Early Resin Berry, Godfather OG is a true indica strain. Godfather OG contains overwhelming notes of Pine and berry with a nice spicy finish with dark purple and orange hairs covering each bud. This strain is best used in the evening after all work is finished for the day.


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Lemon Diesel (Sativa), Godfather OG (Indica)

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