River Bluff || Delta 9 THC Simple Syrup


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River Bluff || Delta 9 THC Simple Syrup


RIVER BLUFF DELTA 9 THC infused Simple Syrup is a liquified form of sugar used to sweeten cocktails, teas, coffees, lemonade, and any hot or cold drinks. It easily blends into any beverage and adds 20mg of Delta 9 THC per 1 oz. serving.

Water Soluble = Faster, stronger effects

Delta 9 THC Simple Syrup uses RIVERBLUFF’s water soluble Delta 9 THC which allows for more efficient and quicker absorption of the product. Traditional, oil soluble THC edibles and beverages allow for around 17% absorption of the THC. Our water soluble allows for 80% absorption. Water soluble products also will begin to take effect in 10-15 minutes vs 45 minutes + with a traditional THC edible. The duration of the experience is also much more predictable with a water soluble.

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Weight 37.5 oz

4OZ, 750ml

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