Plant Therapy || Nerve Body Oil + Arnica


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Plant Therapy || Nerve Body Oil + Arnica

Support your nerve health naturally with our Nerve Body Oil with Arnica. This revitalizing blend of botanical ingredients offers a holistic approach to comprehensive nerve support by harnessing the potent properties of some of nature’s most effective alleviators.

Help soothe your perception of pain and discomfort with Arnica, a rare herb with an affinity for calming redness and promoting the healing of bruises and scars, which penetrates deeply to reach the source of the discomfort. It is also known to support blood circulation, which helps promote nutrient and oxygen delivery to the nerve tissues in distress and aids in the healing process. Combined with other soothing ingredients like Cedarwood, Thyme, Basil, Sandalwood, and Kunzea, this body oil offers a comforting effect to calm irritated nerves.

Experience the benefits of this non-greasy, lightweight oil, as it nourishes and hydrates your skin while supporting your overall well-being. Embrace the power of nature and restore balance to your body with Nerve Body Oil with Arnica.

  • Herbal
  • Warming
  • Alleviating
  • Soothing

How to Use

Use this body oil on specific areas of concern to experience targeted relief as needed throughout the day. Its distinct herbaceous-spicy scent may be overwhelming if used as an all-over body oil. Allow to absorb before getting dressed.
Aromatic Scent: Herbaceous and spicy with woody notes
Shelf Life:1-2 Years

Cautions: Not recommended for use if pregnant. Do not apply to broken skin or open wounds. Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. If nursing or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. External use only.

Natural yellow color may stain fabric. Allow to absorb before getting dressed.

Please note that Arnica should never be ingested or applied to broken skin or open wounds. We recommend pregnant women should avoid products containing Arnica due to concerns related specifically to the plant’s oral consumption. Arnica is part of the Asteraceae (daisy) family, so individuals with allergies to ragweed, chamomile, yarrow, or other related plants, should avoid Arnica.

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