OFFFIELD || Original Lime CBD+CBG Enhanced Hydration Sticks


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OFFFIELD || Original Lime CBD+CBG Enhanced Hydration Sticks


Movement Made Happy

A refreshing sports drink mix packed with electrolytes, vitamins, adaptogens, and cannabinoids to activate your Runner’s High. Learn more about our formulation below.
Servings16 enhanced hydration sticks per bag.

OFFFIELD uses broad spectrum CBD & CBG to access your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) with no psychoactive THC. Activation of the ECS has been linked to the runner's high, triggered during high endurance exercise.

20mg CBD & CBG- Selected for quality and effect, these broad spectrum phytocannabinoids work together to help you keep moving and feeling awesome throughout your activity.

Vitamins B6, B12, & C- Essential B Vitamins vital to creating red blood cells and give you a little boost. And Vitamin C to aid in active recovery and immunity.

100mg L-Theanine- An incredible tea leaf derived energy boost without the jitteriness of caffeine. It's the thrill of winning, without the pressure of competing

Magnesium & Zinc- Magnesium (33mg) has been found to boost exercise performance and inflammation. While Zinc (1.6mg) is great for building a strong immune system.

  • Fights inflammation and mental fatigue
  • Alleviates anxiety and improves energy
  • Hydrates 2x faster than water alone
  • Way less sugar than other sports drinks
  • Powerful essential minerals you need

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