Magic City Organics || USDA Org. Wild Orange – Whole Plant CBD Oil


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Magic City Organics || USDA Org. Wild Orange - Whole Plant CBD Oil




Magic City Organics || USDA Org. Wild Orange - Whole Plant CBD Oil
is the perfect way to start or end your day.  The natural flavor with wild orange encompasses all that is the plant in a bottle with just a hint orange essence & terpenes.  The way hemp extracts should taste with full spectrum of cannabinoids & not stripped down.

The Wild Orange is very subtle and not over-flavored as we don't want to alter the taste too much.  If you don't like herbal tasting extracts or you have a sensitive palate look towards a product like the CBD Isolate, Healthy Roots Oils or the Plant Therapy CBD Oil.

The MG level on the bottle is for the full array of cannabinoids of the hemp extract not just CBD for the entourage effect that we are so passionate about.

All of our products are from a small USDA Organic hemp farm located in the rolling hills of East Tennessee grown using organic methods with safe processing to bring you the best handcrafted hemp products.

When you first start taking Hemp Extract//CBD drops always start low & slow and ease into an ideal dose for you.

Start at .25ml per dose (1/4 dropper) under your tongue and work up from there, For some, this will be sufficient, others will slowly work up to higher doses depending on their needs. 

Hold the oil under your tongue for 90 seconds and don't eat or drink 15 minutes before or after you take your oil.  Can be taken daily, midday or before bed.  Some customers also micro-dose and take very small amounts multiple times daily.

Dosage depends on body weight, concentration of the oil & severity of the condition. 

We are here to help guide you with products but please speak to your doctor if you have any questions related to contraindications with CBD & prescription drugs or any other medical questions. 

All flavors are high quality, all natural, food grade flavoring. With no added chemicals or dyes.

Magic City Organics || Full Spectrum - Hemp Extract CBD Oil- ingredients: Organic MCT Oil, Cryo-Ethanol extracted hemp + Naturally Occurring Terpenes & Organic Food Grade Wild Orange.

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Weight 3 oz

1000MG, 1500MG, 600MG


Wild Orange

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