Liv Fuller || Mushroom Honey


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Liv Fuller || Mushroom Honey

nutrient-dense functional mushroom honey to help you regulate your mood, stay focused, and deliver overall well-being goodness. Plus, it’s smooth, delicious, and sparkly af!


  • We want food to feel like a dose of magic in everyday life
  • We aim to remove stigma and stereotypes of farmers and highlight the people behind our food
  • We believe in label transparency and precise dosing based on science and research, not company whims
  • We are a value-driven brand which began with honey and functional mushrooms but we plan to extend to other overlooked food items that can benefit from our values

As beekeepers, we think the honey market is ripe for disruption, so honey is a star in our first product – Sparkly Functional Mushroom Honey. No more chalky chocolate, gritty powders, or strong, off-putting tinctures.

Both our honey and functional mushrooms are US-harvested and 100% organic. We exclusively use ingredients that are grown locally and sustainably and are one of the few companies to source only US-grown organic functional mushrooms.

Our founder, Olivia Fuller, is a beekeeper, forager, a "farmer first" horticulturist, grant reviewer for the USDA and NIFA, international speaker, and state-wide Pollinator Program lead.

Ingredients : Organic Raw Honey, Organic Lion's Mane, Organic Reishi, Mica (Mineral)

1 Serving = 1 tbsp (21g) includes 250mg Lion's Mane and 250mg Reishi

For every product you purchase, we donate to the Xerces (pronounced Zer-sees) Society, a science-based nonprofit organization that protects wildlife through the conservation of pollinators and endangered species, and reducing the use of pesticides.

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