Hectare’s || D9+CBD Dragon Fruit Seltzer Water | 120z


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Hectare's || D9+CBD Dragon Fruit Seltzer Water | 120z


Introducing Hectare’s 5mg D9 + 5mg CBD Dragon Fruit Seltzer Water – Your key to a refreshing, balanced buzz without the excess. This expertly crafted seltzer combines 5mg of D9 THC and 5mg of CBD for a controlled, guilt-free experience.

🌵 Infused with 5mg D9 THC and 5mg CBD: A balanced blend for a subtle buzz you can manage.

🍉 Naturally Flavored: Enjoy the pure taste of ripe dragon fruit, naturally.

🚫 Zero Calories, Zero Sugar: A guilt-free choice for refreshment.

Light, airy, and always in control, Hectare’s Dragon Fruit Seltzer Water offers a sophisticated, uplifting experience, perfect for any occasion. Order yours today and elevate your refreshment game!

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