Crispy Blunts | CBD-Hazelnut | 100mg


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Crispy Blunts | CBD-Hazelnut | 100mg


Indulge in the unique and flavorful experience of Crispy Blunts. These crispy, creamy sticks offer a delightful combination of tastes and textures, filled with hazelnut chocolate cream infused with CBD. With ingredients carefully selected for quality, freshness, and commitment to environmental sustainability, Crispy Blunts are the perfect choice for those seeking a truly exceptional treat. Elevate your snacking game and discover the crispy sticks that go beyond expectations.

100mg CBD Crispy Blunts Hazelnut Chocolate Cream Crispy Phyllo Dough 2 Sticks 1.5 oz

Crispy Blunts are crispy, creamy, and delicious sticks - an unexpected combination of tastes and textures infused with 100mg CBD

Crispy Phyllo Dough filled with Hazelnut Chocolate Cream infused with 100mg CBD

Each pack contains two Crispy Blunts each contains 50mg CBD

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