I was miserable & there was no end in sight. I was taking herbs for depression, Midol for pain, Benedryl for sleep and just trying to hang onto the roller coaster that is hormones. While I was happy I wasn’t hooked on any Rx drugs at that point I’ll be honest I was headed in that direction.

For the last 15 years I’ve been a power house of organic foods & using a more gentle approach to healing for my myself and my own family.  Problem was it wasn’t working at that point so I was looking for any solution so I could not feel like an emotional mess & get some sleep! It was effecting my work, my relationships & my ability to be a decent mother.

This led me to the path of trying cannabidiol. There was a wealth of information online but practically nothing locally. I went to a health store in Bham and the kind gentlemen couldn’t give me the guidance I wanted.

I purchased a 250MG tincture that looked like a whitish yellow slime in a clear bottle for $69.  It did nothing after a month for me. Essentially gave me a sore throat. I was close to just giving up and I decided to start digging online more and I came across this women owned business in Vancouver. That’s when things finally started turning up for me.

After a couple months I felt leveled out.  I even went two months without and insomnia episode but the most glorious part was a I felt lighter.  Less irritated with life’s daily struggles and being a mom of a very hard-headed 4 year old.  Also, the pain from my cycles had all but diminished. The thing is that CBD is so gentle that people usually have an “AHA” moment when you realize you’ve gone 30+ days without some of your most trivial issues.

Sometimes it’s not in your face like a night and day feel because finding a homeostasis in life just feels normal & good. 

The Birth of MCO

It’s been almost a year now and I started putting the pieces together to form a company in Birmingham, AL. I knew my mission would be simple. Financially accessible for all humans not just the ones with dispensable income & find not just good products but GREAT ones with years of testimony under their belt. 

Today as we round the curve to our 1 year anniversary we’ve done that and some. My background as a Buyer in the Custom Pediatric Wheelchair business really shaped me over the last 10 years. Even though the company wasn’t the same since it was sold the original mission was still in my soul. “The Song in Our Hearts” Our shift in this industry hasn’t come without struggles as most of you know my husband was terminated from his corporate position for “allowing” me to create this hemp business & myself for being the one behind it.

After a combined 38 years designing & purchasing we were let go because of my drive to help people in my community. I guess some may consider a plant to be controversial. I think that’s just the issue with education on hemp and why I choose to get out into my community.

My drive to change that has been incredible and I’m so thankful I was thrust into making this my full time passion.  As I prepare for the next major step in this business, this is no longer a job or a career it’s a passion for helping others living more peacefully & thrive.  🙂

Love to you all who have supported my drive since day one and those who just started. You are all behind this business – holding me up! <3


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