Organically grown on our friend’s small family farm in Oregon. The folks at Healthy Roots are pioneers in their craft with the absolute BEST oils at a fraction of the price for typical CBD companies. They set the bar so high that people in Birmingham are catching on quick. ????

Healthy Roots Backstory:

From each seed planted in Oregon’s finest soil, comes a well rooted tincture called “Deep Roots.” Our tinctures are made with our full-spectrum oil. High in CBD while also containing a variety of other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, CBN, and CBV giving it well rounded benefits, targeting multiple problem areas.

The great thing about this tincture is that it has a very subtle and bearable taste, unlike other tinctures on the market. Healthy Roots provides hemp-derived CBD infused products that are made to improve your health, assist in pain management and improve day to day life.

Our mission is to help as many people as possible by  providing a high-quality  local product at an affordable cost. Our team believes in our mission whole heartedly and we’ve created something for everyone. We are seasoned in all avenues; from the cultivation of hemp to formulating recipes with extensive knowledge on all forms of cannabinoids, providing an incomparable product to the market.

Some of the main properties of CBD are Anti-inflammation, Anti-bacterial, Anti-convulsant, Anti-psychotic, Promotion of bone growth, Immune System support and Nervous System support.

 Topics of studies have been:








 Pain and inflammation

 All have been conclusive to the benefit of CBD.

This is one of our favorite companies to work with and their products are just the silver lining.  They truly care about their customers and want to share the love with the world! 

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Healthy Roots CBD – Small Batch Hemp Farm

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