Here’s the backstory of our friends from Healthy Roots Hemp products. This is one of the first woman owned hemp business owners that we discovered in the infancy of Magic City Organics & she’s someone who deeply cares for her customers & for the processes they put into creating their products.Her family has a 30 acre farm and they are securing a patent for their unique process in their seed to seal products.  We love Healthy Roots and Liz so learn a little more about who is behind this amazing company in their own words.

In 2017 Liz Merritt started Healthy Roots, a hemp product company, as a tribute to her mother. In 2014 Liz’s mother was diagnosed with liver disease, she lived in constant pain until she passed away in 2015. The passing of her mother was devastating to Liz, but she knew she would learn from this experience. Liz was motivated and she did not want to see others struggle the way her mother did. While she was not able to help her mother throughout her painful journey, she wanted to help others mitigate their pain and improve their everyday life. In order to help people, she felt it was necessary to learn more about the hemp industry. Liz started working with a hemp farm, where she gained knowledge of hemp based products. Working on the farm not only gave her hands-on experience in the industry, but it also drove her to research and educate herself on hemp.

After working on the farm, Liz started her own company, Healthy Roots to sell her own hemp-based products. She was lucky enough that her family owned a farm in Oregon, where she started cultivating hemp for Healthy Roots products. Her company is a true seed to shelf business. Healthy Roots full spectrum hemp-derived CBD infused products assist with pain management and are made utilizing Liz’s own patented process. Liz believes her success is due to the quality of her organic hemp, her patented extract and blend process, and the love she puts into all her products contributing to quality full spectrum products. Liz and her team care about people and strive to have a product line that meets the needs of everyone. Liz’s goal is to help people like her mom – those who are in pain and want to feel better naturally. Credit: Healthy Roots Hemp ProductsOrder at

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