A small city so tight knit that we feel every loss, every suicide, every death of someone “BirmingFamous” or another life lost too young to cancer. We are ravished with depression, pain and disease just like any other American city. Our children are plagued by autism, ADHD, behavioral problems and learning difficulties. Our pets are sick, ridden with anxiety and cancer as well.

I’m extremely passionate about alternative health when you’ve exhausted the medical system for answers. I’m certainly not a doctor but I tirelessly try to find helpful suggestions to ailments (safely & within reason).  When I stumbled upon CBD I pushed all of my herbal remedies aside. This one covered all of the bases. Something that can help pull our loved ones out of darkness when nothing else is helping. Something that can help you focus or maybe just relax at the end of a long stressful day.

This is a plant. A cousin to the marijuana plant but without the high. Something that has had over 20,000 studies done proving it’s viability. The red tape lies with its cousin and it keeps so many great strides from happening with its research and medicinal use (in the USA) since it’s classified as a drug like heroin.  I need your help to lead our city into educating and helping one another with ZERO side effects.  My passion lies in paving the way so you too can see the benefits of this tall, lanky, fibrous plant. This is not going to be easy so I may need your help and encouragement but I’m willing to fight for our access to medicinal plants!

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