Our new neighbours, Vinegar Contemporary are having their grand opening and Magic City Organics is sponsoring the after party! The guests will be taking over the spaces and enjoying a virtual reality art exhibition. Check them out and follow them on instagram & facebook.

BEZOZON is a multimedia installation featuring a virtual reality (VR) experience within a sculptural light installation. The work is grounded in research into late capitalism’s adverse global impacts. It is intended to be a subversive new media experience, signaling caution towards the seduction of Big Tech’s services and advanced technologies. BEZOZON uses visual elements and narratives associated with Amazon.com and Plato’s The Allegory of the Cave to represent these themes.

About Vinegar Contemporary

VINEGAR is an artist-run, women-led non-profit organization that supports the creation and experience of contemporary art in Birmingham, Alabama. 

VINEGAR CONTEMPORARY is Vinegar’s first permanent exhibition space in which we showcase artists who are working in emerging and experimental art forms while considering intellectually rigorous and socially relevant topics. We offer this space as an opportunity to celebrate projects that elude commercialization and inspire conversation. Vinegar Contemporary is a place for artists to experiment, take risks, and challenge themselves and their audiences.

Grand Opening and Exhibition Reception

February 21, 2020

5–8pm with after party to follow sponsored by Magic City Organics. 

701 37th St. S #12 
Birmingham, AL 35222

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