Perfect for an active lifestyle, the Citrus CBD Trans-dermal Patch is now available over the counter and online.

Non-hemp based, citrus-derived CBD (Cannabidiol) is finally available in a patch form. Citrus CBD, a leader in CBD supplements, is now offering trans-dermal patches online and at select retail stores. The trans-dermal patches provide the safe and simple delivery of CBD in an easy to use format perfect for active people. The patches deliver a measured 35mg dose of CBD over 36 hours. It’s as simple as placing the patch directly on skin – and the CBD flows into the bloodstream.

The Citrus CBD trans-dermal patch uses a non-hemp source of CBD, namely, a proprietary blend of lichen and citrus peel. Since there is no hemp involved in the production of the Citrus CBD patch, there are no traces of THC in its formulation. People can use the Citrus CBD patch without worry about positive drug tests or unwanted side-effects.

“The Citrus CBD patch is an awesome way for people to upload Cannabidiol (CBD) and enrich their endocannabinoid system. It is a safe, simple, and splendid way of delivering this magic bombshell of a molecule! I love that Citrus CBD has figured out a way to make this available to people who want to avoid THC (tetrahydrocannabinol),” says Rebecca C. White, an expert in the field of botanical medicines as well as a Registered Nurse. “The science is clear on CBD and how it impacts our bodies in such a great way! This product makes it available and accessible for all types of people.”

The Citrus CBD trans-dermal patch is a convenient way for people to address the needs of an active lifestyle. It delivers a controlled level of CBD into the bloodstream over a 36 hour period – eliminating the need to keep track of dosages and time. The Citrus CBD patch is easy and discreet to use, since it can be placed anywhere it is in direct contact with skin. The patches are water resistant, allowing people to work out, shower and even swim while wearing the patch.

The Citrus CBD patch is perfect for runners and athletes looking to add CBD to their supplement regime. It is also a great option for those with chronic health issues or simply just struggling with everyday activities, like house cleaning, chores and even playing with their children.

Consumers looking for an alternative to industrial hemp and cannabis-based CBD can trust Citrus CBD products to be pure, consistent and available. Since the Citrus CBD trans-dermal patch is free of THC it’s the ideal for people looking for a dependable supplement to help with an active lifestyle.

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