Let’s face it – it doesn’t work if you don’t actually take it. CBD certainly won’t help if you don’t give your body a fighting chance to find the benefits of the oil.  Once you find your routine to taking it by keeping at your bedside or next to your computer in your office.

Be patient and stay on it. Anywhere that you feel it’s convenient when you need it and will help keep you on a routine. I’m a classic case of someone who has a massive vitamin cabinet where supplements that didn’t “wow” me after a while went to get left behind.

I will say this I’m now coming up to my 9 month anniversary of taking cbd oil and here’s the list of issues that are a thing of the past for me, personally. 

  • Hormonal Depression & Anxiety
  • Rarely any cold and sickness this winter
  • Crippling cramps
  • The speed of which I heal now from cuts/bruises is probably the most random and not intended effect
  • Less recovery time from workouts
  • More focus when working on projects and other daily work duties
  • Massive reduction in STRESS ( I can’t push this one out there enough)  Stress is so debilitating and makes your immune system drop a notch. 

We like to joke about how I could not have done a double move & started this business without CBD but it’s a fact.  Not being stressed is almost like being on cloud 9 and nothing can touch you. No negativity just coping and working through issues without the increased heart rate.  The problems didn’t go away just how you deal with them changes and so does your overall health. 

Now, I only started taking the oil for cramps and everything else was just a bonus.  I had no clue how it would affect me or if it would end us in the supplement graveyard in the back of my pantry.  It’s now in my nightstand, purse and car.

Whenever I feel I may need a little extra help in my day. I think it may be my only supplement that I run out of and have to replace vs it expiring first. 🙂

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