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What is The Endocannabinoid System?

The Endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a recently discovered physiological system that is responsible for almost all functions of the human body. The main purpose of the ECS system is to ensure all bodily systems are working at a homeostatic rate (normal rate), through molecules known as “endocannabinoids” also called endogenous cannabinoids. (endo meaning inside) are naturally produced cannabinoids by our own bodies, and are responsible for communicating with all of our bodily systems and ensuring they are in a balanced order.

These endocannabinoids regulate all of our internal activity by binding with receptor known as CB1 And CB2, located all throughout the human body. When our body has a lack of these endocannabinoids our internal systems become overactive or not active enough and lead to diseases like cancer, insomnia, diabetes, lowered metabolism and many more.

Our bodies produces less cannabinoids due to aging, lack of exercise, poor diet, and many other factors, so it becomes extremely crucial that we get these cannabinoids through plant sources. Terpenes are the building blocks and found through out all of nature, such as mangoes, lavander, mint, berries and many other fruits and vegetables. When consuming a plant based diet we provide our body with the proper building blocks it needs to build these endocannabinoids ensure our immune system along with all other internal systems function the way the should be.

Fortunately, Cannabis sativa, also known as hemp contains many of these terpenes all in one and the cannabinoids themselves as well. Consuming cannabis provides the body with the proper spectrum of cannabinoids to ensure our immune system is running properly along with all other systems.

The cannabinoid CBD for examples, Binds to CB receptors in the brain and calms down all excessive activity and stops common brain disorders such as anxiety, insomnia depression, PTSD, addiction, and many more.

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