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The Good Patch | Period Patches

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Periods are a pain!

This PERIOD patch is complete with 15 mg of premium hemp, along with menthol and black cohosh. Note: Should be worn on lower abdomen.

The CYCLE patch comes with 4 to a pack.  Non-Hemp but still well loved! 

Targeted temporary relief of minor aches and pains associated with that time of the month. These patches are discreet, lightweight and travel friendly so no matter the time of day, you are always prepared for that time of the month.

Peel and stick one patch for up to 12 hrs. All done? Simply peel the patch off.


  • Black Cohosh (8.5 mg)
  • Menthol (5%)
  • Plant-Based (non hemp)
  • 4 Patches = 1 Pack

Love Hemp? Try the hemp version below...


  • Hemp (15 mg)
  • Menthol (1.2%)
  • Black Cohosh (1 mg)
  • 1 Patch = 1 Pack