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RSO CBD 1000mg 10ml || RSO

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RSO CBD 1000mg 10ml || Rick Simpson Oil

High quality strain specific RSO with a full spectrum of cannabinoids.  These blends can allow you to customize what you want to get out of taking a concentrate.  You can add cook with this, use it topically, add to capsules or the most common way to take RSO is under your tongue.

RSO is a high CBD concentrate with easy graduated markings it’s easy to get the correct dosage with 100ml per 1ml.

Each syringe comes with 10ml of RSO for a total CBD content of 1000mg. 

Each 1ml=100mg.

It’s formulated with organic coconut oil to bring the extract into compliance of .3% or less by volume.

Our RSO comes with the popular Hemp terpene profiles.

-Suver Haze (Sativa-Day)

-Sour Space Candy (Indica-Night)

-Special Sauce (Hybrid) 

  • Front Load: Take one dose 3 times per day (9am, 1pm, 5pm) for 5 days
  • Regular Dose: Take one dose 2 times per day. About the size of a large grain of rice. 
  • Directions: Put into mouth underneath your tongue. Hold there for approximately 60-90 seconds and then swallow. Wait at least 5-7 minutes before eating or drinking.