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Magic City Organics | Lifter - Delta Infused Hemp Prerolls

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Magic City Organics | Lifter - Delta Infused Hemp Prerolls

2 Rolls Per Tube

Lifter CBD, also known simply as “Lifter,” is a sativa strain created through crossing the classic Suver Haze + Early Resin Berry strains. If you're searching for a super medicinal strain that will really lift your spirits and have you feeling amazing, you've found it. Lifter CBD packs all of this and more into each and every tasty toke, with minimal THC and an insane amount of CBD. That being said, the Lifter CBD high is super mellow in nature, with light touches of energy here and there and an overall sense of wellbeing. 

Hemp flower can be mistaken for marijuana, so you must consume at your own risk.


Top of the line organic prerolls with childproof tops. We use only the finest smokable flower, rolled by a licensed processor in a clean room.  No corners cut in this process just pure high quality hemp! Each roll is approximately 1.2 grams with a 100% organic hemp cone for the ultimate smokable experience.

 All products contain less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC.