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BHM CBD || Hemp Flower - Bubba Kush - Hybrid

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Magic City Organics CBD || Hemp Flower - Bubba Kush - Hybrid


This Hybrid strain is more an evening leaning or indica strain. Beautiful dense buds and superb quality! 

    Magic City Organics CBD || Hemp Flower - Bubba Kush is organically grown. It's great and smooth strain perfect for winding down or leveling out. 

    Bubba Kush 15.69% CBDa .3 Delta9 THC. Indica Hybrid.

    Frosty buds with dank and fruity Terpene profile. 

    Flavor/Smell: Fruity & Skunky


    We aim to provide you with the highest quality hemp flower strains from meticulous, crafty growers who take utmost care of the plants from the time the seed is buried in organic soil until it makes its way to you. All of our premium grade CBD hemp flower is Independent lab tested to ensure its legal nature. A QR code linking directly to our Lab Results page is on the label of each product package, as with all of our products.

    All Magic City Organics CBD flower products are grown according to organic practices with no chemical herbicides, pesticides or synthetic sprays.

    Contains 100% premium hemp flower.