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Magic City Organics CBG Blend || 3:1 Tincture

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Our first CBD:CBG blend is now here! 

Magic City Organics CBD:CBG is 1100MG of full spectrum oil plus full spectrum CBG. 

The tincture is easy to take & is a nice way to get the added benefits of CBG. We encourage you to Google the benefits of CBG. 

The MG level on the bottle is for the full array of cannabinoids of the hemp extract not just CBD for the entourage effect and now with added CBG. 

When you first start taking a Magic City Organics Hemp Extract//CBD drops always start low & slow and ease into an ideal dose for you.

Start at .25ml per dose (1/4 dropper) under your tongue and work up from there, For some, this will be sufficient, others will slowly work up to higher doses depending on their needs. 

Hold the oil under your tongue for 90 seconds and don't eat or drink 15 minutes before or after you take your oil.  Can be taken daily, midday or before bed.  Some customers also micro-dose and take very small amounts multiple times daily.

Dosage depends on body weight, concentration of the oil & severity of the condition. 

We are here to help guide you with products but please speak to your doctor if you have any questions related to contraindications with CBD & prescription drugs or any other medical questions.