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Magic City Organics || Bham Kush Candle

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Magic City Organics || Bham Kush Candle

We wanted a canna-aroma candle without all of the bs & finally decided we'd have to make them ourselves. Nothing artificial with a 100% pure hemp wick.

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Burn & Be Happy!

Handcrafted & unique + fragrance free (only essential oils) in this cannabis candle! With 2 grams of hemp in each candle you'll be sure to feel like you're diving back into your parents basement in the 90s. 😜 The hemp flower garnish on top can be shaken out before burning or left on just shake away from the wick. 


Made in micro batches for quality and consistency there's just a few ingredients in these delicious green candles. Organic coconut oil & beeswax with over 39 grams of hemp in each batch & essential oils of cannabis sativa/proprietary blend. 


These will sell out quick so grab one today! 


  • Zero Fragrance & Infused in the Magic City
  • Est. 25 hour burn time.
  • Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Hemp Flower & Essential Oils + 100% Hemp Wick 
  • Burn & Be Happy!