Urb || Liquid Badder Disposable | Low THCA


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Urb || Liquid Badder Disposable


Our new Liquid Badder is a concentrate in this blend that rivals our Saucy Diamonds with its golden, smooth, and creamy consistency.

Liquid Badder Blend of Hemp Derived Delta 8 THC, Liquid Badder, Live Resin, THCA, THCB, THCP.

Waterberry Kush (Sativa)

A mashup of summery watermelon with subtle notes of pine and earthy wood.

Blue Strawberry (Hybrid)

A tropical take on ripe strawberry with the freshness of blueberry.

Funnel Cake (Indica)

The classic fair food wrapped up in one buttery, sweet pull.



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Blue Strawberry (Hybrid), Funnel Cake (Indica), Waterberry Kush (Sativa)

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