The Breakup Cookie® – 1/2 Dozen


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The Breakup Cookie®  - 6 Cookies Frozen and Ready to Bake!

The Breakup Cookie is a chocolate chip cookie that was originally made to help ease the pain of rejection. The cookie is known for being chewy and a little gooey in the middle. It has a bit of salt sprinkled on top to make the chocolate taste even sweeter.

The Breakup Cookie was created by Emily Nabors Hall, a local chef and food stylist for Meredith Food Studios. In 2011, she was looking for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe.
The Breakup Cookie is the signature sweet at Church Street Coffee and Books in Mountain Brook's Crestline Village. You can also buy the frozen, ready-to-bake cookie dough by 1/2 dozen now at Magic City Organics!

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