Nerve Pain Tincture


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Nature is one of the best resources for natural, long term pain relief! Nerve Pain Relief Tincture consists of medicinal herbs which take effective action for stopping pain in the body, and preventing it in the future. Nerve may help rebuild nerve sheaths, calm and strengthen the nerves, relax spasms, may heal damaged or overworked nerves, and because it contains many nerviness, it has powerful constituents that may relieve nervous tension, irritability, and anxiety.  Use with Anti-Inflame Tincture for a powerful pain fighting duo. 

Organic: Lobelia, Skullcap, Wood Betony, White Willow Bark, St. John's Wort; steeped in organic grain alcohol
2-3 squeezes directly in mouth (in water if needed for taste) 3-4 times a day, or as prescribed by your healthcare provider.

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