Good Vibez || Delta 8 Sublinguals | 250MG (10CT)


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Good Vibez || Delta 8 Sublinguals | 250MG (10CT)

LABS Strawberry

LABS Blue Raspberry

LABS Watermelon

The Good Vibez Delta 8 THC Sublinguals deliver 25mg of the highest quality Delta 8 THC on the market today. As we source all of our delta 8 from American grown hemp, you can count on quality and consistency every time. Each sublingual oral strip is zero calories, zero sugar, gluten-free and is made right here in the USA. Count on quality, and count on Good Vibez every single time!

Discover the latest in Delta 8 THC technology with the all new sublinguals from Good Vibez! The ultimate in bio-availability and flavor has arrived!

Combining the ultimate in convenience and flavor, alongside the hard-hitting delta 8 extract that has made Good Vibez famous, these sublinguals may change the way you view cannabis.

How To Use The Good Vibez Delta 8 THC Sublingual Strips

1. Open The Strip By Peeling The Corner

2. Place A Single Strip Under The Tongue Until It Dissolves

It’s That Simple!

How Long Do Sublinguals Take For Full Effects

Since sublingual strips introduce delta 8 directly to the bloodstream from under the tongue, it only takes 5-10 minutes for the initial response, and within 60 minutes you be feeling the ‘vibez’ completely!

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