Gather Beverage Co || Concentrated Botanical Elixir | 750mL


Gather Beverage Co || Concentrated Botanical Elixir | 750mL


Gather Beverage Company has created a unique line of botanical, functional elixirs designed to enhance any beverage with adaptogens and quality ingredients - without preservatives, artificial colors, natural flavorings or other chemicals. Our ingredients are straight from the earth - and almost exclusively organic.

"Let it Be" Lemon Lavender

Let It Be is a concentrated botanical elixir made 100% organic ingredients, including functional herbal extractions, lavender and lemon peel. Made specifically to calm the body and the mind, our Lemon Lavender recipe contains lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, butterfly pea flower, ginger, kaffir leaves and cardamom - all widely studied for their role in digestive health and calming the stomach as well as easing stress and calming the mind.

Combine two ounces into lemonade, club soda, craft a sober cocktail - use your imagination!


filtered water, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice (NFC), organic herb blend (including lavender, butterfly pea flower, lemon balm, coriander, cardamom, chamomile), organic lemon peel, dried ginger, organic apple cider vinegar.

"Drive" Hopped Citrus

Do you ever feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear? It's time to take the wheel. Drive Botanical Elixir is a concentrated functional non-alcoholic elixir consciously crafted in small batches with organic herbs, adaptogens, mosaic hops, and organic citrus. Formulated with adaptogens that are widely studied to promote the connection between body and mind, foster nervous system and cognitive wellness, you'll feel balanced - whatever tomorrow brings.

Find your light with the bright, vibrant flavors of organic orange peel, lime and lemon juices, and the brain-boosting power of mosaic hops, green tea, lemon balm, ginger and orris root.

Combine 2oz into a cup of hot green tea, a glass of club soda, craft beer, or create a beautiful sober cocktail.


Filtered water, ogranic cane sugar, orange lemon juice (NFC), organic orange peel, organic lemon peel, organic lime peel, organic apple cider vinegar, organic lime juice (NFC), organic herb blend (including cardamom, coriander, angelic, lemon balm, green tea), hops, and organic kaffir lime leaf.

"Higher Love" Spiced Hibiscus

Higher Love is a handcrafted botanical elixir brewed in small batches that contains adaptogenic herbs and functional ingredients that have been researched and used to promote wellness of the heart and reproductive system. Higher Love is a non-alcoholic spirit that is bold, tart and complex.

With unique ingredients - we can assure you you've never tried any non-alcoholic liqueur quite like this. Brewed with organic hibiscus flower, rose buds, ginger, cinnamon astragalus root, horny goat weed and szechuan peppercorn - this one starts out tart, gives notes of spice and finishes with a spicy bite.

Mix it with lemonade and club soda, non-alcoholic wine, your favorite hibiscus tea, berry kombucha or anything you want!


Filtered water, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice (NFC), organic lime juice (NFC), organic orange peel, organic apple cider vinegar, organic herb blend (including hibiscus, rose hips, rose bud, astragalus, pepperment, schisandra berry, szechuan peppercorn), cinnamon, ginger

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"Drive" Citrus Hop, "Higher Love" Spiced Hibiscus, "Let It Be" Lemon Lavender

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