Flora Sophia Botanicals CBG Oil – 650MG


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This Product is available for Local Pickup, Local Delivery & Shipping if not a vape. Delta 9 products are available nationwide. Delta 8 is prohibited in Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New York, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, South Carolina, Utah & Vermont.

Flora Sophia Botanicals CBG Oil - 650MG


Flora Sophia Botanicals CBG Oil - 650MG is a beautiful new product with new possibilities from Flora Sophia that can reduce inflammation and has tremendous antibacterial benefits. CBG is a lesser known cannabinoids that is used by people who are suffering from autism, IBS & eye related diseases. 

Flora Sophia Botanicals CBG Oil - 650MG is a unique product since it's full spectrum CBG and not from an isolate. 

A non psychoactive cannabinoid, CBG's antibacterial effects can alter the overall effects of cannabis. 

CBD has tremendous benefits and can be paired with an existing CBD tincture to boost additional effects from this isolated cannabinoid.

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REF: https://www.leafly.com/news/cannabis-101/what-is-cbg-cannabinoid


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