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Flora Sophia Botanicals | CBD Salve 1200MG


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Flora Sophia Botanicals | CBD Salve 1200MG

This salve is identical to our standard Muscle Joint and Nerve Salve – however, instead of providing 600mg of CBD we have doubled it to 1200mg of CBD in 1oz container!!! Yes- most people think we are crazy! Is it even necessary? Necessary, no – but more powerful and healing, ABSOLUTELY. I have been doing this for years and THIS is what I make for myself and my family. It just hit my a few weeks ago when I was having pains and needed to use the salve and I did not have any of my double strength (for some other brands this would actually be 4x their regular strength!!!) left – I really felt called to make more rather than use the 600mg… then I realized I have got to make this available to the you all from time to time.

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Flora Sophia Botanicals | CBD Salve 1200MG


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