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Meet Delta 8 THC | From Hemp

What is Delta8 THC? Delta8 THC is an isomer & derivative of the hemp plant.  It tends to be called a less potent Delta9 THC which comes from marijuana. When it’s extracted processors are using CBD isolate & extracting the compound which exists in smaller amounts. The end result is a very clear, odorless & viscous extract. Delta8 THC is so thick that the vapes can easily clog but it tends to work will in other forms with less hassle.

However vapes are still at the top of list especially since cannabis terpenes are also added for a transformative effect.  They are offered in about 40 different options in Sativa (day), Hybrid (50/50) & Indica (night) strains at our store in Birmingham, Alabama & website

According to studies Delta8 has some fairly interesting characteristics that can cause some interest to those who are dealing with appetite issues as well as nausea.  We see customers from their 30s up into their late 80s trying out delta 8 THC for a myriad of reasons.  From doctors, lawyers, college students, moms, grandpas & executives there’s no specific type of person that seems to go for Delta8 THC.  Historically, delta 8 THC has a very interesting past too.  It was first partially isolated in 1941 at the University of Illinois while a research group was studying the effects of dosage on humans.  It was completely synthesized in 1965 & was often referred to as Delta 6 THC.  There was a large study being done in Israel years ago but was not completed so there’s so much left to be learned about this cannabinoid compound. 

With over 1600 cannabinoids in the hemp plant this is just one of the many being isolated and explored.  It’s been a great alternative to the group of people who don’t see much benefit from CBD but are still searching for alternative cannabis options in a non-medical or recreational marijuana states.  While illegal in a handful of states it’s become mainstream in the last couple years.

You can find it in a multitude of forms just about anywhere and even in dare I say…gas stations! Lol The fluctuations and variations in products is great though so it makes sense to find a VERY reputable & TRUSTWORHTY source so you can maintain less sporadic results.  The most popular source is edibles with vapes and tinctures plus dabs coming in next.  With the vape ban coming up soon we think that it will launch edibles and dabs/concentrates more into the spotlight. 

As of March 28th USPS will no longer allow the shipments of any type of vapes to customers online whether CBD, Nicotine or THC.  This will definitely put a massive crimp on customers who don’t have a local shop or prefer higher quality products that are not available in a reasonable driving distance. I think the creativity will come into play though & you will see new ways that companies & customers will continue their use just in a new format.

Now we’re not sure how much longer delta 8 THC will be around but while it’s here it’s been a delight to see the smiling faces coming from consumers.  With quarantine, a long and drawn out pandemic delta 8 THC has been a glimmer of hope for so many.  Sometimes you just want to lighten the mood without alcohol & this seems to offer that to those who try it! 

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