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How Can Heat & Sun Degrade Your CBD Oil?

In order to care for your oils and to preserve their freshness it’s always best to avoid 3 things: sunlight, heat & extreme cold. Even if in afternoon direct sun for an hour it can degrade the product, lower it’s shelf, change the taste, alter the color & lessen the products overall integrity.  Disrupting the products terpene profiles, as well.

The temperature of your products will be maintained as best possible to ensure that you are only getting the best potential from your purchase.  When shipping we keep all packages at the ideal temperature and if you are not able to retrieve your package when it arrives then you can now select signature on delivery, hot mailbox delivery (which includes a cold pack) or request in an email that your package shipment be delayed.  

As we shift into the summer months Magic City Organics will keep our products safe at indoor only events or in stores. Please be wary when purchasing CBD products that are being stored in a window or have been exposed to heat.  To combat this problem we will also be making adjustments to ensure the highest quality in our products we carry. I’m sorry for any inconvenience but we want you all to get the best for your money and nothing less.

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