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Fireworks Anxiety? CBD For Pets


Fireworks are one of those things that either your pet is terrified or they are completely unfazed. We were in our backyard last night and the booms & cracks were firing in the distance.  Our pup didn’t flinch.  Not everyone is that lucky though and I’ve seen the destruction they can cause when dogs are terrified by the noises even in an inside room.

In fact vet visits increase around the 4th of July too & tell pet owners to extra cautionary measures to help alleviate their stress. There’s definitely a shift in animals not being spooked & even stranger danger when using a hemp CBD product. Medication can help but it can change they way your pet acts & sometimes that’s scary too.

So why is CBD helping pets with fireworks?  The series of receptors that are all throughout your dog or cats body act as modulators to things like anxiety as well as pain & nausea.  When we picked up our puppy hours away from home we gave her a drop of CBD oil to help with car sickness & stress.

It was amazing to see how relaxed she was without drugs in a new environment and in a car for 4 hours. So you are essentially helping your pet not by drugging them but assisting their well being on a physiological level.  That’s why there’s not a change in behavior but if you do it’s usually a positive adjustment not a dog that’s high on drugs.

You want to understand that when using CBD with pet’s they don’t need a lot either.  In fact very little steadily wins the race.  1-2MG for a smaller pet and up to 5-8mg for a larger dog but always begin dosing with just one drop a couple times a day and then make adjustments as you see how they do.  Don’t overdue it as your wasting your money & it’s not helpful to your pet. 🙂

Have a happy 4th of July & don’t forget about your fur babies!