Smokable Hemp CBD Flower

We source the finest and highest quality Whole Flower Hemp Joints. We work with family owned businesses & small farms that produce craft hemp on small farms.  Certified to be free of heavy metals or toxins using third party testing. 
All of our CBD Hemp Flower products have a full panel of 3rd party testing to ensure purity as well as potency so you get a consistent product every time!
Looking for that perfect strain of hemp CBD joint to start or end your day?  Chances are we have just what your looking for.  A variety of strengths and potencies to keep your interests peaked & still easy on your wallet.  We take pride in all of our flowers being weighed & packed by a licensed processor in a clean room using only high quality smokable CBD rolls. No end of the barrel hemp flower here. Just the best of the best to relax you!  Check out Magic City Organics in Birmingham, Alabama for all of your smokable joint needs!