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Walden Farmacy | Bitters & Herbal Formulas


Bitters are the antidote to the perennial state of poor digestive function, the antidote to high-carb processed-food diets.  Poor digestion is usually the root cause of so many illnesses- allergies, autoimmunity, poor absorption, liver disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, candida, and more.  Bitters can work miracles on IBS and other digestive issues as well as help to curb a sweet tooth by providing a contrasting experience to the body so that fruits and even vegetables seem sweeter and “sweets” just become too much.  Taken with a meal bitters help to curb feelings of fullness, bloating, or gas. Just add enough to a glass of tea or water so that you can taste the bitter flavor.

Basic Bitters                                                


Improve digestion and much more.  Taken habitually it is claimed to clear skin, reduce allergies, and provide a grounding effect to a scattered mind.  It leaves space for many flavorings, from floral to pungent to citrus, highlighting without overwhelming.


Joint Relief Bitters                                                 

Solomon’s seal for joint support, turmeric for its potent ability to reduce inflammation and ease chronic pain, basil and ginger for swelling and pain, and black pepper to increase absorption of the healing herbs.

Herbal Energy Bitters      

Crossvine and Schisandra act as adaptogens, helping the body to handle stress energies and remain calm and grounded.  Sarsaparilla and American Ginseng for a caffeine free burst of energy.

Allergy Relief Bitters                                           


A blend of herbs traditionally used to ease symptoms of allergies.  Mullein to soothe and hydrate the lungs nettles as a natural anti-histamine, artichoke to increase bitterness, and goldenrod for hay fever and inflammation.



Herbal Tincture Blends (Non Bitters)

Pain Relief Tincture                                                   


Willow bark acts as a natural aspirin type pain reliever- great for any ache or pain, headache, cramps, joint or muscle soreness, etc. and wild lettuce attaches to opioid receptors to provide pain relief and calm. 


Kava Elixir                            


An herbal blend that melts tension off your body and out of your mind! Helps with muscular tension, a chattering mind, stress, anxiety, or insomnia.  Kava helps quiet the mind without sedating you and can assist you in moving in to a creative flow.  The elixir uses coconut milk as the traditional extraction method and the flavor is enhanced with spice rum and honey.  Do not drive after taking large doses of kava.  


Lion’s Mane Tincture                                 

Lion’s mane is one of the few substances known to assist in helping the body regenerate nerves.  It promotes mental clarity, focus, and memory.  As well as optimizing nervous system health, the polysaccharides also support optimal immune functioning, help to prevent tumor growth, and bring vitality to the body.