Urb - Nano Gummies 100MG (PICK UP AND DELIVERY ONLY)

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Urb - Nano Gummies 100MG (PICK UP AND DELIVERY ONLY)

New formula is a bit like fruit leather due to longer curing time but we are hoping this gives us the ability to ship these. 

Warning! These gummies are not heat resistant and may melt into a singular (delicious) gummy blob that makes perfect dosing difficult. We cold-ship the gummies, but it is not a 100% fix. If gummies arrive melted we recommend freezing the gummies for an hour and then cutting in equal squares. For more precise instructions, please see below. Purchase our Tincture for the same effects without the risk of melting.

This adorable little child-proof gummy container packs a punch! 

These gummies are low in sugar, made with natural stevia sweetener and nano for higher absorption and better taste. Each container has 10 pieces with a total of 10MG Each.