Cannabis was no stranger in the ancient times as mentioned throughout history for centuries and has been traced back to as far as 8000BC in the region now called China & Taiwan. In 6000BC hemp seed oil was used in the diets of the Asian regions and in 4000BC the fiber was used in ropes for pottery. Periodically, different artifacts are found mummified with ancient Persian cultures & tribes. They mention “bhang” another word for cannabis in their text as their “narcotic”. Urns of seeds have been found stored and dated as cannabis spread through Europe. Interestingly enough, in 200AD the First Pharmacopoeia lists medical marijuana. It was used in Greece as a anesthetic by surgeons and a young woman was documented using cannabis during childbirth in 300AD. Cannabis was used for centuries all over the world as a typical medicine for over 300 issues and ailments. Food, fiber & part of the early development of America, hemp was a major player in history. It’s hard to believe it was banned in September 1937 due to being such massive threat to the textile industries. The lobbying worked and it was successfully demoted from being a “billion dollar crop” to wiped off the history books for another 77 years. 

Flash forward to modern day & you can find CBD & hemp products on every corner in just about every store. So why is that? What made this simple cannabis plant go from making paper, rope & food to now being one of the most popular supplements we’ve seen in decades? The CBD business alone is projected to grow by 20% every year and continuing to ramp up for years to come.

You can’t deny CBD being mainstream at this point and we’ve even seen it used as a substitute for alcohol throughout the COVID-pandemic. With millions of Americans spending more time at home than ever CBD has made its way into homes of about 1 in 7 Americans. From cbd infused honey dust in their coffee, a cbd chocolate midday or just taking a dose of full spectrum cbd oil. Then as the day winds down our customers are turning to a CBD hemp flower pre-roll, a few puffs from a vape or a tall cold glass of Ablis CBD. As a retailer we see the satisfaction from our customers when they try CBD. First timers & established users alike, once you find “your brand” & your proper dose it’s an everyday staple. Americans are taking variety of CBD oils due to bountiful cannabinoids that respond well with the body, and its natural endocannabinoid system. There are over 400 chemical entities found in cannabis and hemp with 60 of them are cannabinoid compounds. While we don’t know why CBD helps some & not others we do know it’s worth it to give it a try. You may notice it’s for you fairly quickly or it may take a couple weeks. While CBD is the most popular, there are other shining stars like Cannabichromene & Cannabigerol which we have in our latest high potency tinctures in our store and website.

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