The Unbelievable Health Benefits of Dragon's Blood

We’ve got a new product today called “Dragon’s Blood” (Croton lechleri), which is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb, the sap from the Croton lechleri tree. Use of Dragon’s Blood is supported by over 50 different clinical studies, which I will share with you today! Our Dragon’s Blood is 100% Raw Croton Lechleri Sap! Dragon’s Blood can be used internally and externally, each method providing different benefits. We’ll start with the external benefits and move onto the internal benefits shortly.

When used externally, clinical studies show that Dragon’s Blood has the potential to heal wounds faster, stop bleeding, remove pain, promote skin repair, and act as an antiseptic, because it is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-spasmodic and anti-tumor.

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It’s crazy how Dragon’s Blood works for external use! To use Dragon’s Blood externally, you put a bunch of drops onto the palm of your hand. Then you take the pointer finger from your other hand and keep rubbing the liquid in a circle until it turns into a silky paste. You can then scoop that paste up with the same pointer finger and smooth it over your wound. The Dragon’s Blood will stiffen up on the wound and act as a natural band-aid!… At the same time, the Dragon’s Blood also cleans the wound by killing bacteria, microbes and other junk with its antiseptic properties, helps take the pain away, helps the wound heal faster, helps lower inflammation and stops the bleeding. At the clinical study here, it states, “The beneficial effect of Dragon's Blood on wound healing was confirmed. Dragon's Blood stimulated contraction of the wound, formation of a crust, formation of new collagen, and regeneration of the epithelial layer.” At the clinical study here, it states, ‘The group treated with RDEE (Dragon’s Blood) showed significantly better wound contraction and better skin-breaking strength as compared with the control group. The present study provided a scientific rationale for the traditional use of RD in the management of wounds.” USDA economic botanist Dr. James Duke says, “Dragon’s blood was shown to speed healing four times faster”. Links to all of the other clinical studies covering the other benefits of Dragon’s Blood mentioned above can be found at the bottom of this article.

Dragon’s Blood is used extensively in native pharmacopoeia to also treat many other skin disorders and conditions, such as Herpes, Fungal Issues, Skin Cancer Melanoma, Hemorrhoids, and more, all of which is also verified in Clinical Studies.

For example, in the clinical study here, it states that one of the properties in the Dragon’s Blood “…exhibits significant inhibitory activity against herpesvirus (HSV) types 1 and 2, including herpesviruses resistant to acyclovir and foscarnet. This was shown through a topical application to HSV-2- genital lesions in mice and guinea pigs.” Therefore, if you have a herpes 1 or 2 breakout or if you feel one coming on, just put this natural Dragon’s Blood band-aid over that! Dragon’s Blood also has anti-fungal properties. At the clinical study here, it states ‘The Dragon's Blood exhibited an inhibition against all the tested fungi.’ Here is another clinical study supporting these anti-fungal properties. I put Dragon’s Blood on theAthlete’s Foot I had recently and I feel that this application kept the area clean and healed it faster than usual. Perhaps it may also be good to topically use on Candida breakouts…? At the clinical study here, it states, ‘The data showed that Croton lechleri and taspine could inhibit cell proliferation with higher potency against melanoma SK23 cells, supporting the empirical use of the sap as anticancer in ethnomedicine.’ It’s also been stated in clinical studies that Dragon’s Blood has the potential to help heal hemorrhoids.

Dragon’s Blood may be able to help with receding gums and dental health!

I also feel this is one of the best, most miraculous things for dental health and treating receding gums! While I found no clinical studies related to dental health and Dragon’s Blood, I did find an Ayurvedic website that has countless testimonials, which can be found at the link here. It states, “It is incredibly astringent, so it pulls the gums tighter around your teeth. It stops bleeding, and encourages regeneration of tissue.” I tried this and I could feel the astringent effect immediately around my gums. If you go to that website and look at the testimonials, you will see numerous people and animals who healed their gum and teeth issues where intense dentistry work would have otherwise been needed. For dental use on my gums, I like to take a few drops of Dragon’s Blood straight into my mouth and swirl it for a few minutes, then I spit it out without using any water to rinse, so that the astringent action stays working for as long as possible. I just have to spit out many times instead of rinsing away with water.

Dragon’s Blood is the number one item I travel with, because as shown in clinical studies, it has the potential to treat insect bites, arrest diarrhea, and protect the body and brain from radiation!

Not only do I feel it’s critical to have a handful of these Dragon’s Blood bottles in my home at all times, but Dragon’s Blood is also one of the number one things I make sure to carry with me when traveling! It’s stated in this clinical study here, ‘Dragon’s Blood products have reported positive results in the treatment of traveler's and watery diarrhea and the symptoms of insect bites.’ Which leads us into discussing the potential benefits of taking Dragon’s Blood internally! Various clinical studies show that Dragon’s Blood helps arrest diarrhea. This may be TMI (Too Much Information), but being on a 100% Raw Food Diet and drinking manygreen juices every single day, I tend to have watery stools some of the time. When I took the Dragon’s Blood, it lead to perfect bowel movements. In two of the clinical studies it actually states that Dragon’s Blood is the first (and so far only) agent to be approved by the US FDA specifically for the symptomatic relief of non-infectious (i.e. secretory) diarrhea in adult patients with HIV/AIDS on antiretroviral therapy. At the clinical study here, it states, “In studies in diarrheal illness associated with primarily a secretory component, such as cholera, travelers' diarrhea and acute infectious diarrhea, Dragon’s Blood has shown improvements in stool consistency and duration of symptoms.” In the same clinical study it says that Dragon’s Blood may be beneficial to people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I also like to take Dragon’s Blood when I travel, because it has the potential to help protect a person from radiation, as shown in the clinical studies here, here, here, and here. The first two studies show radio-protective properties in the bone marrow, the third in the liver and spleen, and the final one in the brain, which is the most profound to me! Here is a segment of the clinical study on how Dragon’s Blood protects the brain from radiation: “Dragon's Blood also significantly reduced radiation-induced inflammatory cytokines of tumor necrosis factor, and inhibited hippocampal neuronal apoptosis. The results obtained here suggest that Dragon's Blood has radioprotective properties in rat brains after both heavy ions and (60)Co γ-ray exposure.”

Effective constituents of Dragon's Blood were found to be potential candidate therapeutic agents for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, ALS, Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s.

Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, ALS, Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s are the result of the progressive loss of structure or function of neurons, as stated on Wikipedia here. It’s also stated that the hippocampus of the brain is one of the first things to deteriorate in these types of conditions. It is shown above that Dragon’s Blood inhibited hippocampalneuronal apoptosis (death) caused by excess radiation. When traveling, we are usually subject to higher levels of radiation, so I always take Dragon’s Blood while traveling, for protection. In another clinical study here, it states, “…effective constituents of Chinese Dragon's Blood, were found to be potential candidate therapeutic agents for neurodegenerative diseases.” Again, neurodegenerative diseases are diseases such as Alzheimer’s, ALS, Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s. In the clinical study here, it states that Dragon’s Blood had protective effects on focal cerebral ischemia rats. On Wikipedia here, it states that brain ischemia is a condition in which there is insufficient blood flow to the brain to meet metabolic demand. This leads to poor oxygen supply and thus to the death of brain tissue or ischemic stroke. As you will see a little bit further below, Dragon’s Blood seems to be one of the best things for the blood and blood flow. It seems to me that Dragon’s Blood has the potential to significantly protect us and our brains from degeneration and radiation.

Clinical studies show how Dragon’s Blood can be useful in helping with Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Healing Fractures and other Traumatic Injuries.

There are also many clinical studies showing how Dragon’s Blood can be useful in helping with diabetes. In the clinical study here, it states, “These results suggest the possible therapeutic value of S. draconis (Dragon’s Blood) and could be potentially developed into a novel drug for preventing the progression of diabetes mellitus.” The clinical study here states, “These results suggest that this extract from Dragon's Blood exerts an anti-diabetic effect by suppressing intestinal carbohydrate absorption and thereby reducing the postprandial increase of blood glucose.” In traditional medicine, Dragon’s Blood has shown activity in the prevention of osteoporosis as well as greatly promoting the healing of bone fractures. In the clinical study here, it states, “These results suggest that SD (Dragon’s Blood) may increase osteogenic effect, then promotes osteoblast differentiation, mineralization, and bone formation.” I could site clinical studies all day long about the benefits of this amazing product, but this article will become way too long. I will now simply list the different benefits I found from all the clinical studies I researched, and you can verify these all at the clinical studies further below.

In clinical studies, Dragon’s Blood showed the potential to be anti-tumor and anti-cancer, inhibit hepatitis A and B viruses, have potent activity against isolates and laboratory strains of respiratory syncytial virus, influenza A virus, and parainfluenza virus, reduce pulmonary fibrosis (scarring of the lungs), boost the immune system, have anti-tumoral effects on human colon cancer cells, alleviate pain associated with gastrointestinal and other related disorders, reduce acid reflux, treat rheumatism, help heal stomach and intestinal ulcers, reduce inflammation, act as an antioxidant with free radical scavenging capacity, and act as a food preservative due to its inhibitory activity against various food borne pathogens.


Dragon’s Blood seems to be one of the best all-round treatments available for blood.

In Chinese medicine, Dragon’s Blood is commonly prescribed to invigorate blood circulation for the treatment of traumatic injuries, blood stasis and pain. It can reduce the formation of blood clots and has been shown to promote blood circulation, alleviate inflammation, stop bleeding and may be beneficial for arterial and vascular diseases. Scroll down a little bit further below and you will see over 50 clinical studies, which back up every last one of the stated benefits of Dragon’s Blood in this article! When I take Dragon’s Blood internally, I like to take very little, maybe 1 or 2 drops once or twice a day and then I’ll stopfor a few days and take it again. You can build up too, if it’s well tolerated after 3 days. When I travel, I take more in order to protect myself from high levels of radiation.

Dragon's Blood has hit the celebrity and cosmetic world in a huge way, as you will see in the article here.

In one study in this article, 92 percent of volunteers saw an increase in skin elasticity over a three month trial period.  Of that 92 percent, 72 percent also noticed a reduction of skin sagging!

In the celebrity world, it is used as a replacement for Restylane cheek injections. Lady Gagareports using it to help prepare for the Golden Globes.

A Rodial spokesman reports using the Dragon's Blood serum to help women and celebrities to regain a youthfu*l look.  Dragon's Blood has the potential to stimulate collagen production and creates smooth, plump skin.  It's used in many cosmetic lines such as Peter Roth and Bio-cellular Skin Care, but is watered down greatly compared to using the pure sap. Dragon’s Blood is also used as a makeup remover.

Dragon’s Blood may have the potential to help with healing acne, acne scars, eczema and psoriasis!


Another study in today's article reports that raw Dragon's Blood is four times more effective than isolated chemicals in forming collagen and healing skin tissue. Another source states that if you suffer from acne or acne scarring, Dragon's Blood is shown to stimulate skin fibroblasts, which help heal the skin of acne and acne-related scars.

It is also reported that when using Dragon's Blood to treat skin disorders, the Dragon's Blood takes on the role of being like a "second skin."  The Dragon's Blood becomes a protective shield and stops inflammatlon and infection. I put some Dragon’s Blood on my face recently and I totally agree, because I felt and saw the second skin.

The story in this article about a Chilean woman reports that she had pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions on her face and index finger.  She applied Dragon's Blood externally and in two weeks the lesions on her finger and face were healed!  This same source reports that the writer's dentist was amazed at the results of using Dragon's Blood.  The writer's teeth became severely infected and showed signs of bone loss.  After three weeks of rinsing with Dragon's Blood, warm spring water, Himalayan salt, and Camu Vitamin C, the dentist was left standing amazed!

Dragon's Blood may even minimize scarring, lighten sun spots and shrink and lighten dark moles or skin tags! In its raw form it has the potential to even heal chemical burns.  Another source says that if you've paid lots of money for acrylic nails and suffer from poor quality nail beds as a resul*t or struggle with fungus in your nail beds, both internal consumption and external application of Dragon’s Blood to nail beds can klll fungus and strengthen nails.


How is all this possible?

  Remember that in yesterday's article we learned that this sap is rich in taspine, known for tissue and skin regeneration.  The same properties that help quickly stop bleeding and seal wounds can also help produce healthy skin.  The high amounts of proanthocyanidins make Dragon's Blood the most powerful antioxidant on the planet! Dragon's Blood contains 8 different flavonoids or pigments that have been shown to have strong antioxidant properties against peroxyl and hydroxyl radicals, this means cellular oxidative stres*s.  Only Dragon's Blood at high concentrations has been shown to have this effect!

To read the full article and to see all of these sources mentioned above, click the link below:



Here are over 50 clinical studies, which back up the benefits of Dragon's Blood:

Wound Healing

Analgesic (Pain Killer)

Stops Bleeding

Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Microbial



Anti-Tumor, Anti-Cancer


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

HIV Diarrhea



Blood Clotting

Blood Circulation & Health

Herpes, Influenza, Respiratory Syncytial, Parainfluenza

Food Preservative

Stomach & Intestinal Ulcers

Radiation Protection

Neurodegenerative Diseases (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, Huntington’s, Brain Ischemia)


Osteoporosis and Fracture Healing

Boosting Immune System

Antioxidant (Free radical scavenging capacity)

Pulmonary Fibrosis (Scarring of the Lungs)




Dragon’s Blood

100% raw Croton lechleri sap

NET 35 mL


Suggested Use:

Internal: Two to three times a day, take 1-3 drops in water.

External: Put 5-20 drops in hand, rub with fingers until liquid thickens into paste. Apply to wounds, or rub into skin to cleanse and tighten pores.

Dental: Use 5 to 10 drops in a little water as a mouthwash or place directly on toothbrush for natural toothpaste.

Put 5-8 drops directly in mouth and swish for 3-5 minutes for mouth ulcers and gum health.


Keep out of reach of children.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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