Who Knew? Honeysuckle Destroys the Influenza Virus

Get prepared this season & it's kid friendly too!

Just when you think you've gone to the far depths of the internet and taken just about every form of elderberry there is a local farmer introduced me to honeysuckle extract.  I had the unfortunate opportunity to try it out when my little one got a cold recently and WOW.  It eliminated her cold faster than any herbal remedy I've tried within a matter of 30 hours and with dosing 3X a day.  

Well this was MAJOR NEWS to me.  My memories of honeysuckle in the south are just as anyone else's around Alabama.  Picking them from the bushes in the 80s/90s and sipping on that little bit of sweet nectar with the neighborhood kids.

Honeysuckle has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine to treat influenza infections. It actually has been known to inhibit the replication of the Influenza virus. 

             Researchers have discovered the world's first ‘virological penicillin’               in a molecule found in honeysuckle. - Science Alert

study from the Cell Research scientists at the University of China has identified the micro molecules that talk to the pathways which are responsible for numerous dieseases. The molecule in honeysuckle could elicminate the suppress the swine flu (HIN1) and the bird flu (H5N1).  To take it a step further the honeysuckle molecule blocked replication and detroyed the virus that in the lung tissue of mice used in the study.

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