MCO Shop - FREE Delivery & FREE Shipping + NEW time for NO CONTACT Pick-Up

Hello Everyone!  

On March the 14th we closed the interior of our store due to the virus.  We will keep the shop closed until further notice but we offer FREE SHIPPING & FREE DELIVERY + we now have appointment only NO CONTACT pick-up between 12PM-3PM Monday- Saturday. On Sunday we do delivery ONLY. Your order will be packed, gloved & sanitized by Dread River's alcohol spray. Simply text the time you can come by & your first/last name.  We will get through this together while taking care of our customers & being mindful of the city of Birmingham & the rest of the world!

( 205.567.0334) + free shipping & free local delivery online at using code CORONA10.

If you want to get connected with us you can do so HERE.  Also due to the amount of deliveries if you are coming by for curbside you can always text ahead to 205.567.0334.

Here's what we are doing in shop to help alleviate the spreading of germs:

  • Our shop has been closed since the 14th, sanitized & has been OZONED.
  • We are wearing gloves when packing orders & handling products. 
  • No samples & No open jars.
  • Everything is SEALED in the shop.  Everything including flower.
  • Spraying the shop down hourly with "Germ Fighter" spray & burning sage.
  • FREE delivery & FREE shipping in the USA (code: CORONA10)

Please continue to support the small businesses that you know & love.  This is normally a busy time & especially with all of the market cancellations. 

As this all develops we may have to switch gears but please be conscious of not touching your face and wash your hands & follow your health authorities advice.  We were already an OCD & overly clean store but NOW it's really clean. :) 

Stay safe everyone! 


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