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21 CBD Facts and Myths You Didn’t Know (2021)

If you are interested in using CBD products, there are several myths and facts about the products. People have so many questions, insecurities, and safety concerns about CBD products. It is because of the great myths that we keep hearing from so-called “professionals.” It is crucial to know whether CBD is effective for you or not. Only the healthcare service providers can analyze your health conditions and provide valuable suggestions about CBD products usage. 

CBD Facts and Myths

Here are the top 21 common facts and myths that we hear about CBD:

CBD Myths

1. CBD gets you high 

There is no doubt that CBD is a derivative from hemp plants. However, though hemp and marijuana belong to the cannabis family, CBD products won’t offer a “high” effect. 

2. There is no difference in CBD products

It is essential to understand that CBD extractions are done in three types to acquire, isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD. These three types are different due to the balance of cannabinoids. 

3. CBD oil is akin to hemp oil 

Though CBD is extracted from hemp plants, it doesn’t have anything to do with hemp oil. These two oils are sourced from various resources. CBD oil is made using flowers, leaves of the hemp plants, whereas Hemp oil is created using Hemp seeds.

4. Taking more CBD will be effective 

This is a common misconception but not necessarily true. The dosage is based on the health conditions of every individual. However, the standard dosage ranges from 10mg to 40mg. 

5. There are no proven results for the CBD products 

One cannot say that there is no research conducted to analyze the effectiveness of CBD products as they have been studied under the treatments for anxiety, depression, and more. However, further studies will help to understand more about the positive effects. 

6. CBD can be used as a sleeping aid

This is a myth as CBD doesn’t have any sedative effects, and it interacts differently with the central nervous system. However, it is touted to enhance sleep quality when combined with meditation or yoga.

7. CBD usage is illegal

The term “illegal” comes into the picture as CBD is often associated with marijuana. However, there is no precise information about CBD products, and it is hard to tell that CBD is illegal. 

8. CBD industry is unreliable 

The speculation arises due to many rumors, but CBD products have been an excellent health aid. However, you must source the products from a reliable pharmacy. 

9. CBD products are not effective 

The efficiency of CBD products differs for every individual, but it doesn’t mean that they are effective. Therefore, it is essential to know the proper dosage and timing to notice the effectiveness of CBD products. 

10. CBD has dependence potential 

CBD is not addictive, and the world health organization reported it after conducting a detailed CBD review.

11. CBD is not safe 

As per the World Health Organization, CBD is safe and tolerated by humans. It implies that products don’t have any public health effects, and a few years ago, the World Anti-doping Agency also eradicated CBD from the list of banned substances. 

12. CBD doesn’t interact with your current medications 

CBD is found to be a good product and helps a lot of individuals to feel better. However, certain medications can intervene, and CBD can modify how a drug works.

13. CBD provides instant results 

No matter what medication you consume, it takes time to see effective results. CBD is no exception, and people have to wait for a while to notice the benefits. 

14. CBD is the only solution

CBD is not the ultimate solution for all health problems, and individuals must know the purpose of taking CBD products.

15. Taking CBD on your own is not harmful 

If you are taking CBD products without the consultation of a physician, it might be hazardous. In addition, you never know how CBD works, and it is based on your health conditions, so it is better to connect with the healthcare service provider. 

CBD Facts

16. You can find CBD in Hemp as well as marijuana 

Though CBD is infused in both hemp plants and marijuana, it is found that MJ plants are more resourceful than hemp. 

17. CBD is not the ultimate solution to all health problems

Yes, it is one of the facts that people should know as CBD can be the best solution to specific issues. Still, there are studies conducted to analyze the effectiveness of CBD. 

18. CBD is used for thousands of years 

CBD is one of the derivatives of hemp plants, and it is utilized for several centuries across the globe, especially in countries like Egypt, China, Japan, and India.

19. CBD belongs to the class of medicines 

In some countries, CBD products are categorized under the food supplement. However, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory suggested CBD as a medicine in 2016. Therefore, it is vital to know Epidiolex, a pure extract from CBD, is an effective medication. 

20. CBD is for particular individuals 

CBD products are not for everyone, and it is essential to know those specific individuals can use the products. For instance, people below eighteen years should not consume CBD products. There are more factors like age, lifestyle, health conditions, and more to determine whether CBD consumption is safe or not.

21. Individuals may experience possible side effects 

Like any other medication, CBD can cause side effects on certain conditions, so you have to be careful while using CBD products. In addition, problems arise when you take more dosage for better results. 

The side effects are common in many medications, so people have experienced side effects. However, it is not the same case for every individual who utilized CBD products. You must consult with the doctors to know further details about the possible side effects. 


These are the top myths and facts about CBD that you should know. After that, it will be easier to understand that CBD is effective, but the false promises make people expect miracles. You can use CBD, but it is just like other products and takes time. So, buy the best CBD products from Magic City Organics without splurging more. 

FAQs About CBD Facts and Myths

Is CBD scientifically proven?

CBD is now considered the best choice for various health issues. It is essential to know that they are effective in treating Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome as well. Epidiolex, which infuses CBD, is an FDA-approved medication.

Does CBD cause memory loss?

No, CBD doesn’t cause memory loss. Moreover, it is found that CBD products can improve concentration and memory.

Can CBD oil make you hallucinate?

Before using CBD oil, it is essential to know about the side effects. There are diverse side effects that people experience, and hallucination is one of them. However, it is not encountered often.

Can I take CBD with alcohol?

The interaction between alcohol can result in sleepiness due to the sedative effect when it comes to CBD. Therefore, it is better to avoid alcohol while consuming CBD products.